Fellow Patriots,

I never thought I’d find myself here! After growing up on a small pig farm in the deep south, serving in the Army reserves for ten years, and working and teaching corporate finance, I have now entered the world of politics, seeking to serve you as your next United States Senator from Pennsylvania. I don’t do this lightly. I never imagined running for public office, but I see what many of you see: Our country is in trouble. From skyrocketing inflation, to our self-inflicted border crisis, to the unmitigated failure in how we exited Afghanistan. I could not sit back and watch our country unravel at the seams. I believe that God puts us exactly where we are supposed to be at precisely the right time. We may not always know why, and we certainly won’t always like it, but “for such a time as this” I’ve stepped into the arena to serve. However flawed her history may be, this is the greatest country on Earth. She has given me every opportunity to live a full life where I could go from abject poverty to corporate board rooms, to marrying the love of my life, to raising two beautiful children and now to running for U.S. Senate. But unfortunately, those same opportunities that were afforded to me are increasingly falling away.

To many, the American Dream is becoming more like the American mirage, and more and more Americans are losing faith in our country and our institutions. We need a Republican at the top of the ticket who can remind Americans of the truth, that we are indeed the greatest country, and that if you work hard and put your mind to something, you, too, can have your slice of the American dream. It’s not without hard work and it doesn’t mean we must stop working to remove obstacles. But today, we need a new messenger to reach the people of Pennsylvania. We need one who can speak to any community, anywhere. One who can stand up to the Left’s insults and lies and paint that positive picture of America’s possibilities. I humbly ask you to consider supporting my efforts as I travel across Pennsylvania, taking my positive message directly to the people and remind- ing them what’s at stake and what we can still achieve. I can promise you this: no one will work harder to defeat the leftists who are threatening our country and our way of life. I will fight for you, your family and our great country.


Kathy Barnette


“I don’t ask to be admitted into the American Dream;
I am the American Dream.”

Kathy defied tremendous odds in her most recent campaign for the open U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania. Going up against an unprecedented smear campaign and big money, she ran a formidable race and surged in the last few days.  Having spent less than $2 million to run her entire campaign, Kathy was in a statistical tie for 1st place and ultimately secured over 330,000-PLUS Pennsylvanians’ votes.  She is a veteran, a former adjunct professor of corporate finance, a conservative political commentator, an author, a proud wife and mother of two great children!

Kathy said, “Towards the end of this latest chapter in my life a subtle, but reoccurring truth began to crystalize: this part of my journey was not just about me.  The beautiful people of Pennsylvania are just as much a part of my story as I am.  We were on the road for 13 months, eventually traveling more than 1,500 miles a week towards the end of the campaign.  We accomplished a lot.  We did a lot, and we did it better than most…and cheaper than all of them.  I could not have done half of it without Pennsylvanians coming alongside me, behind me and, at times, in front of me leading the way into and through some murky political spaces. If you mention a county, I see faces.  I remember their stories.  I see their eyes, their joys, and their stresses.  “I Am You, Pennsylvania,” was more than just a spiffy campaign slogan to me.  It was true.”

Appearing regularly on national TV and radio, Kathy’s first book "Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America” explains why liberal policies have failed the black community time and time again – and will fail the larger American community as Democrats rush to the hard Left of the party. 

Kathy did not look at a spreadsheet to learn about poverty.  She did not read a book to understand overcoming great obstacles.  Reflecting over the last few days of her campaign, Kathy said “One of the many lessons that should have been learned is that I embellished absolutely nothing about my life’s journey.  Everything I’ve said about myself is true.  Not one jot or tittle was ever inflated.  I’ve lived an extraordinary life—and I still am.  I’ve overcome some formidable obstacles to be who I am today.  I’ve worked very hard to learn, to grow, and to create a happy and successful life for my family.”  Having grown up on a pig farm in southern Alabama, Kathy was raised in a home with no insulation, no running water, an outhouse in the back and a well on the side.  Kathy went on to become the first in her family to attend and finish college.  She served her country proudly for ten years in the Military Reserves Forces, where she was accepted into Officer Candidate School.  She worked in the financial industry, corporate America, as an adjunct professor of corporate finance, authored her first book and has now run a highly competitive senatorial campaign.

In 2020, Kathy entered into the world of politics for the first time when she decided to run against the entrenched incumbent in the 4th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.  After coming out of the quarantine, Kathy only had four months to run her race.  In a D+ 9 district, she inspired many and raised over $1 million, with an average donation of $55.  She also outperformed then-President Trump among Democrats.

Perhaps her most cherished opportunity to date, besides being a wife, is the ability to have homeschooled her two children.  They finished their 6th year of homeschooling in 2020.


1. Protect our Freedoms by upholding the Constitution

America does not exist, as we have known her, apart from the U.S. Constitution. Yet, we have seen Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom to Petition and Freedom of the Press all come under assault. From the rise of big tech monopolies colluding with the government and the media to censor unwanted speech, to the shuttering of our churches, to the demonizing of associations of particular groups of people, to Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot declaring she will only be interviewed by minority reporters – white reporters need not apply. Our nation is in trouble. We need leaders who understand the threat and who are willing to take decisive action in breaking up these monopolies and holding our elected officials and bureaucrats accountable.

2. Banning Critical Race Theory

CRT is evil. Race-based Marxism is making the long march through all of our institutions. Our children are being taught to hate each other based on their skin color. CRT will make America racist again. Instead of focusing on combat readiness and a sound exit strategy out of Afghanistan, our military leaders are focusing on so-called ‘white rage.’ This kind of neo-Jim Crow nonsense comes here with one purpose: to destroy American institutions and replace them. We cannot allow them to be successful.

3. Growth. Growth…and more Growth

We can’t cut our way into growth. We can’t spend our way into growth, as the current Administration is attempting to do. We can only grow our way into growth. This means revamping how we grow our economy and clarifying our monetary policies.

Our economic policy must be one that incentivizes investments in those assets that generate real, sustainable, and significant growth – machinery, computers, trucks or any assets that increase production. The problem we suffer from today is not one of having a lack of knowledge. We suffer from a lack of courage and a lack of honesty in how we discuss the needs of this nation. Everything is so agenda driven that we can no longer define simple terms such as infrastructure. We need to have adults enter into these discussions. Adults who love this country, who wants to see everyone do well, and who wants to move our nation forward.

4. American Energy Independence

Cheap + Plentiful + Reliable energy is a life and death issue. We cannot afford to “reimagine” our economy with a Green New Deal that will put millions of people out of work and make tens of millions of people poorer.

5. Pro Life

I value all life. Every person has the potential to do great things during their time on this earth. I will continue to promote alternatives to abortion and work to support parents to become independent and give their children opportunities to succeed.

6. Support School Choice

I believe parents know what is best for their child. I believe if given the chance to put their children into thriving academic environments most parents will choose to do just that. Competition is the best way to ensure innovation, to ensure more efficient ways of thinking and doing things, and it’s the best way to ensure that our children’s needs are always top of mind.

7. Mask Mandates and Vaccine Passports

Americans, with the advice of their medical professionals, must be able to make their own decisions as we face the continuation of the Corona Virus pandemic. Government forcing people through coercive mandates is not the solution. I trust Americans, if given good information, to make good, well-informed decisions for themselves and their family.

8. Support for the 2nd Amendment

I don’t just say I support the Second Amendment; I live it being a registered concealed carry holder since 2015. In the Senate, I will support legislation that creates reciprocity for concealed carry permits nationwide.

9. Immigration

While securing our border is a critical part of immigration, our legal immigration policy is in serious need of an overhaul. America’s immigration policy should focus on benefiting Americans, not multinational corporations. A merit-based immigration policy that puts Americans first will be a top priority when I get to the Senate.

10. Mental Health

For far too long we have tiptoed around mental illness and the impact it is having on our society. We must continue the conversation and explore ways to remove stigmas associated with mental illnesses and provide the love, support, and care that our struggling brothers and sisters so desperately need.