Fellow Patriots,

I never thought I’d find myself here! After growing up on a small pig farm in the deep south, serving in the Army reserves for ten years, and working and teaching corporate finance, I have now entered the world of politics, seeking to serve you as your next United States Senator from Pennsylvania. I don’t do this lightly. I never imagined running for public office, but I see what many of you see: Our country is in trouble. From skyrocketing inflation, to our self-inflicted border crisis, to the unmitigated failure in how we exited Afghanistan. I could not sit back and watch our country unravel at the seams. I believe that God puts us exactly where we are supposed to be at precisely the right time. We may not always know why, and we certainly won’t always like it, but “for such a time as this” I’ve stepped into the arena to serve. However flawed her history may be, this is the greatest country on Earth. She has given me every opportunity to live a full life where I could go from abject poverty to corporate board rooms, to marrying the love of my life, to raising two beautiful children and now to running for U.S. Senate. But unfortunately, those same opportunities that were afforded to me are increasingly falling away.

To many, the American Dream is becoming more like the American mirage, and more and more Americans are losing faith in our country and our institutions. We need a Republican at the top of the ticket who can remind Americans of the truth, that we are indeed the greatest country, and that if you work hard and put your mind to something, you, too, can have your slice of the American dream. It’s not without hard work and it doesn’t mean we must stop working to remove obstacles. But today, we need a new messenger to reach the people of Pennsylvania. We need one who can speak to any community, anywhere. One who can stand up to the Left’s insults and lies and paint that positive picture of America’s possibilities. I humbly ask you to consider supporting my efforts as I travel across Pennsylvania, taking my positive message directly to the people and remind- ing them what’s at stake and what we can still achieve. I can promise you this: no one will work harder to defeat the leftists who are threatening our country and our way of life. I will fight for you, your family and our great country.


Kathy Barnette