American Energy Independence

Cheap + Plentiful + Reliable energy is a life and death issue. We cannot afford to be sloppy in our thinking and seize upon convenient “statistics” that confirms our personal worldview, while ignoring history and facts.

In three short years, President Trump and his Administration has helped America become energy independent. Our national defense depends on our ability to have our own resources and not have to rely on other nations including those who are bad actors.

The Biden-Sanders-Dean plan will force Americans to only use energy produced by countries that do not have our best interest in mind, such as from the Middle East and China. I believe that all types of energy should be available and support efforts to improve effectiveness and safety through American technology, innovation, and ability to adapt quickly.

If I have the opportunity to serve in Congress, I will seek the advice of my local constituents who have knowledge in the area of energy to help me make the right decisions to keep America strong, prosperous, and healthy.