Kathy Barnette: The First Senatorial Candidate in PA to turn in required petition signatures


Pennsylvania – Kathy Barnette is the first U.S. Senate Candidate in Pennsylvania to turn in her petition signatures. Her campaign announced today. that she has turned in over 3,100 petition signatures through entirely volunteer efforts. This is well over the required 2,000 signatures needed to get her name on the ballot for the May 17th Primary Election. “I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received,” said Kathy Barnette.

“In the middle of winter, passionate volunteers hit the streets gathering signatures on my behalf, while my Primary opponents have had to pay signature gatherers for their support. You cannot buy this level of grassroots infrastructure. Pennsylvanians are sending a resounding message – they want a fighter in office,” Barnette said.

One determined volunteer, Elena Murphy out of Franklin County, stood outside a city dump in the cold gathering over 300 signatures for Kathy’s team. Elena is one of many volunteers eager to have someone who actually lives in Pennsylvania represent them.

“It’s overwhelming seeing the passion we have received from so many across the commonwealth. While my opponents dip into their endless piggy banks, we have people like Elena braving the cold and working tirelessly. My opponents will soon learn that you can’t buy this level of support – the type of support that is needed to win both a Primary and General Election,” Barnette added. 

The Barnette campaign still has many signatures not yet counted as volunteers across the commonwealth continue to knock on doors, attend petition signing parties, and battle inclement weather to ensure Pennsylvania has a fighter.

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