#ReOpen PA

“We sacrificed to mitigate, not eradicate Covid-19. Mission Accomplished!”

Hindsight is 20/20

  • But, as more reliable information becomes available we MUST be able to pivot.
  • Gov. Wolf is NOT listening to science.
  • Gov. Wolf is putting his own thoughts above those of the CDC.
  • Gov. Wolf’s actions defy logic and reason.
  • Gov. Wolf’s list delineating between “essential” and “non-essential” businesses was done in the dark.
  • His plans to #ReopenPA is ambiguous, as well.

Americans did the Patriotic thing and voluntarily self-contained.

  • We sacrificed NOT to eradicate this insidious virus.
  • We sacrificed to mitigate it…to slow it down
  • We accomplished just that…
    1. We have beds that are available
    2. Hospitals are not overrun
    3. Testing has ramped up considerably
    4. Everyone who needed a ventilator got a ventilator
  • We did what we set out to do!
  • We’re not going to chase this virus down in some dark corner of the world and eradicate the last little bit of it.
  • It is time to #ReopenPA

There will always be risks in life…

  • Living life comes with risks
  • CDC Death rates:
    1. Diabetes = 83k
    2. Cancer = 606k
    3. Alcohol Abuse = 88k
    4. Suicide = 50k
    5. Drug overdose = 67k
  • We’re not going to create proposals for mitigating every single risk factor of coming in contact with this virus.