School Choice for Parents and Students

Education is a top priority of our nation.  While public elementary and secondary schools are an important part of the education, many schools, especially in our cities, our failing our children.  Children and even teachers are unsafe from bullying by disruptive students, while truancy and drop-out rates are high and proficiency in all areas of education are low in many of these schools.  We must do better as a society.  Our children deserve a bright future.

I support the ability of parents to choose the best type of education for their children.  While public education should have the funding and support necessary and need reform to allow learning to improve, alternatives need to be available.  They include special learning, charter schools, trade schools, scholarship opportunities for private education and home schooling. 

The Biden-Sanders plan, which is supported by my opponent Madeleine Dean, ends school choice.  The plan even singles out for termination the highly successful Scholarship Opportunities program in Washington, D.C.  My opponent wants to lock children into failing schools cutting off many opportunities for them.  I instead wish to expand school choice and support parents and their children.