Main Street in Everett, Pennsylvania. (Image via Wikipedia)

There is nothing big and bold about Rep. Madeleine Dean’s (D-PA-04) latest idea to send more direct cash payments to select Americans. It’s an old failure called welfare.

Welfare is one of many failed liberal policies first perfected in black communities that have not only not helped black communities, but in many ways have hurt them deeply. The failed liberal policies that have been perfected in pillaging black communities are now spilling over to the rest of the country under the cover of COVID-19—promising the same results. Democrats promise to do exactly what they have done in the black community—ravish it, control it, define it, and exploit it—and in the end, crush it.

As a black person I know the truth. I’ve watched from a front row seat as these misbegotten liberal policies have been pushed on and perfected in many black communities. These policies have decimated neighborhoods, destabilized the family structure, destroyed whole generations, and demoralized those left standing.

The results of these failed liberal policies will be the same on a national scale. Failed policies, failed promises, and failed “progress.” Unless the end goal of “progress” is destructive dependence. 

There’s nothing new about Democrats salivating over the opportunity to redistribute taxpayer monies to select people. Democrats are geared up and pumped upwith excitement to introduce a fourth stimulus bill that will include sending direct cash payments to select Americans for an extended amount of time. According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a guaranteed income to help Americans struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic is “worthy of attention.” 

What we need now, more than ever and more than another stimulus bill, is for elitist politicians to take their proverbial foot off the throat of our economy. As someone who grew up below the bottom rung of the economic ladder, I know income inequality is real. It exists. However, what I’ve learned through experience is that if you want to eradicate income inequality, you create jobs…not another program.

Liberals are preparing to shove yet another welfare program down our throats. They will call it “support.” But this is nothing more than their muscle memory kicking in. Increase the minimum wage. Universal childcare. Housing for everyone. Green New Deal. Medicare for All. Bailing out liberal states’ irresponsible spending on failed solar panel factories, bankrupt pension plans, and sanctuary cities. Monthly direct cash payments once said to be temporary will quickly turn into permanent direct cash payments. 

None of their ideas will bring real and sustainable growth. We must reject the dangling carrot of quick cash and demand they loose their authoritarian grip off our economy. Each of their ideas will bankrupt our country, will make us government dependent, will mortgage our children’s children’s future, and will simply kick the inevitable “can of collapse” down the road. We need what Democrats cannot give us—real solutions to navigate these uncharted economic waters. We need economic freedom, not government handouts. 

We need to remember that freedom is necessary for successful living. Freedom is a basic American value. I know the lure of easy cash is tempting. But, I fear the price tag will be more than we can pay. Government dependency is not a viable long-term solution. But, under the cover of COVID-19 Rep. Dean and other liberal politicians will expand welfare to Main Street America and thus accelerate our dependency and decline.

Most business owners and workers we see on the nightly news and in our neighborhoods no longer want to sit on the sidelines. They want a fighting chance to save everything they have worked for and built. Americans are smart. We are innovative. We are hard workers. We are not stupid. We can learn and adapt to our new reality. 

We did not shut down our businesses and close our doors to eradicate this virus. Americans did the patriotic thing and voluntarily self-contained to “flatten the curve.” We sacrificed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We put our lives on pause to give our leaders time to play catch-up since they did not plan accordingly before disaster struck. We accomplished what we set out to do.  Hospital beds are available. Testing has ramped up considerably. Everyone who needed a ventilator received a ventilator. We trusted our leaders to reopen our doors if we voluntarily shut them. We held up our end of the deal and it is time they held up theirs.

Before we, as a nation, start to discuss a fourth stimulus package we need our leaders to reopen our country. Before we start debating how to spend another several trillion dollar budget, we need our leaders to hash out how they will incentivize businesses to bring their manufacturing facilities back to our country. We need to hear concrete plans on creating new supply chains that redistribute the concentration of our manufacturing goods, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies away from China. We need to see blueprints on how our leaders will invest in our infrastructure. We need real ideas, not another spending package. Let us get back to work. 

Kathy Barnette is the author of ‘Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America.’ She is currently running for U.S. Congress in the 4th District of Pennsylvania.